An Easter Challenge

Yesterday I was out shopping with my Mum, and we were stunned by the huge variety of Easter treats available this year. Not just the traditional eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns, but all kinds of variations on that theme…some of them carrying famous brands and for the health conscious there were even Easter themed toys in egg shaped plastic containers!! My personal favourite were the hot cross donuts. All this commercialism got me thinking about the Easter Bunny, and what he’d think about all of this…

Recently, the Easter Bunny was sitting in his car, stuck in traffic. He had decided to visit the supermarket because he was running out of carrots, but apparently everyone else in town was headed in the same direction. Things weren’t any better once he got into the shopping centre, as there were no parks to be had anywhere…

At last, after what felt like hours, Bunny finally managed to wedge his car between a couple of huge 4-wheel drives and made his way into the shop. Once upon a time he would have been surprised to see that no-one was paying any attention to him, but then again, he and his fellows had been seen in public more and more frequently of late. Ever since the Association of Magical Delivery Persons had folded, its former members had been forced to live in the real world.

It had been a sad day in the Tooth Fairy’s castle when, at what would be the Association’s last meeting, Santa Claus stood up and confirmed the awful truth. Spurred on by the endless quest for revenue, large corporations the world over had finally convinced parents to take responsibility for all gift giving. There was no longer a place for the Association, or its members. As children stopped believing in magic, the magical palaces which protected Association members would cease to exist.

Bunny was still doing okay, and so was Santa. They had managed to negotiate contracts with the large corporations for the use of their names and images in advertising, which provided enough income annually to support them and their families. The Tooth Fairy had gone back to University, and was now one of the most popular dentists in the world. Some of the others had not been so lucky. The Sandman was living in a cave on a beach somewhere, the surrounding sand a constant painful reminder of the life he had once known.

Bunny hopped into the vegetable section, trying to avoid seeing the large, colourful displays at the end of every other aisle. How could he have forgotten that Easter was so close?? It had once been the central day of his business year…He decided to get his carrots, maybe a few heads of lettuce, and get home quick. He wasn’t ready to deal with this yet…maybe next year…

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