The Urge to Write!!

We all know writers who wake up some days feeling like the last thing they want to do is sit back down in front of that computer for another period of wrestling with the dilemmas of their characters…In fact, I’m sure we’ve all had days like this!

Imagine my surprise then, that after the day I’ve had today, my first impulse when I got home was to sit down at my computer and write. As I’m sure you’ll understand if you manage to wade through the following, I haven’t got the energy to come up with anything sparkling, so I’ll just describe my day, and maybe you’ll be as surprised as I was!!

I was feeling fine last night, so imagine my surprise when as soon as my head hit the pillow, my nose started dripping like a tap. Knowing that today would be one of those rare days when I was actually required to leave the house to do my day job, I persevered and tried to sleep: even as my breathing became more and more laboured.

Waking up this morning, I still wasn’t feeling well, but knowing I needed the money, I crawled out of bed, into the shower, then into my work clothes. I then suffered through a two and a half hour train trip into the office (arriving half an hour late due to delays on several lines). Having spent as much of the day as I could handle writing business documents for my boss (only three and a half hours) and finding it increasingly difficult to speak due to the soreness of my throat, I faced down the return journey home.

You’d think that arriving home would be the highlight of my day, but in actual fact it was the worst part…dying to get online and share how dreadful my day had been, I found that the internet was down!!! Fortunately (as you can see if you’re reading this) it’s now fixed!

Most people, feeling as messed up as I do right now, would just give up and fall into bed – and most days I’d agree with them – but today I just have this irresistible urge to write!! The good news is, before my head really started throbbing this morning, I was able to jot down a few juicy ideas for future blog posts…so stay tuned!!!

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4 thoughts on “The Urge to Write!!

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I really like your blog picture – something about it. Take care.

  2. Get well soon!

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