Magazine Review: The Paperbook Collective

I can’t find the right words to express just ‘what’ I’ve been this month – ‘busy’ instantly springs to mind, but it doesn’t quite cover it. Combine it with ‘under the weather’ and ‘slightly disorganised’ and you start to get the picture… I haven’t achieved half of the things I intended to in the last few weeks, and sadly one of the things I had to put off was finding the time to sit down and read The Paperbook Collective, a new independent publication edited by Jayde-Ashe of The Paperbook Blog.

Submissions are welcomed from a variety of creative disciplines, and input from authors world-wide is encouraged. With poetry, fiction, non-fiction, artworks, photography, and reviews, there really is something for everyone. As an added bonus, contributors are encouraged to submit a 50-word biography and a link to their other work – I’ve clicked ‘follow’ on a whole new bunch of blogs today!

My personal favourite pieces in this issue are To The Physical Book, With Love and How do you read? by Michelle Furnace, and When Reading Turns Deadly by Hadas Nahshon. The second issue is due out on September 1st, and I can guarantee you I will be making the effort to read it as soon as it comes out!!

You can find the first issue of the Paperbook Collective here.

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2 thoughts on “Magazine Review: The Paperbook Collective

  1. Thank you so much for the post, and your very kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed issue one 🙂

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