Finished at last!


I had intended to post this yesterday, but it was a crazy day and I didn’t get around to it… It was a mad rush to the end, but it’s finally finished!! (“It”, for any new readers – welcome, by the way – is the short murder mystery/competition entry I’ve been whinging about in most of my posts for the last couple of weeks.)

Above is a picture of the (heavily edited) draft of my entry, and the envelope containing the finished product. I felt so ‘old school’ taking it to the post-office and buying a stamp. How times have changed!!

Now begins the long wait for the judging and results…I’m not expecting to do all that well, but I have definitely learned a lot in the process – particularly

  • more about some of the strengths and weaknesses in my writing
  • not to leave things until the last minute
  • editing is better (easier, more efficient) if you leave some space (time) between early drafts and serious editing
  • I am much more productive when I have a fixed goal/deadline

So now that’s over…I have a couple more competition deadlines coming up in a few weeks/months, and I’m going to be a lot more prepared for them next time around. Wish me luck!!

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