A Literary Birthday

Today was my 30th Birthday. It was a very literary birthday…almost all of my presents were book related!! I received four of Agatha Christie’s detective novels (leaving me only three more to find to have all 66!) I was also given a Who’s Who of the characters in Agatha Christie’s books, and a copy of Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks.


In addition to the Agatha overload, I also got a gorgeous poster of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from the Spineless Classics collection. Now I just have to find a frame big enough to hold it…

Finally, courtesy of monetary gifts from my Grandparents, I will be following up on this post by buying a Kindle in the very near future.

Note: For those wondering about the ‘almost’ above…the one non-book-related gift I’ve received so far: a block of Wonka chocolate! (So maybe I should say that all my presents were book related!!)

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4 thoughts on “A Literary Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! Your gifts remind me of something I read when I was a kid. I don’t remember the title anymore, but the main character indulges herself with a Triple-B Treatment for her birthday: Books, a Bag of chocolate, and a Bubble Bath.

    Those posters are beautiful…I should get myself one in honor of your birthday! ;p

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I find books are always an appreciated gift…although it is hard to know what people will like/what they already have. That’s why I gave my parents a list of what I wanted, and they picked out what they could find. Chocolate is a given, and I did indulge in a bubble bath!

      I love the posters, but I don’t think I could justify getting any more right now. They’re absolutely huge (about a metre high), and a lot more expensive than most books/posters. For me they’ll have to be a special occasion treat.

  2. Happy birthday! Books are the best presents 🙂

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