Magazine Review: The Paperbook Collective – Issue Three

It’s true what they say, ‘better late than never’. Due to technical issues the release of the third issue of The Paperbook Collective, edited by Jayde-Ashe of The Paperbook Blog, was delayed, but well worth waiting for.

As always, The Paperbook Collective comprises an eclectic mix of fiction, non-fiction, reviews, poetry, art, and photography from around the world. Full disclosure: this month’s issue includes one of my pieces, Annual General Madness.

Aside from the excitement of seeing my own work sent out into the world, my personal highlights from this issue include

  • Feeling immersed in the minute descriptions of Coffee Break (Princess del Oso)
  • Empathising with Jayde-Ashe’s piece on Writer’s Block
  • A display of childish innocence in The Day the Dragon Flew up the Chimney (Brenda Harsham)
  • The truly chilling Beyond the Boneyard Gate by Alicia Austen

For those of us who are trying to get our work out to a wider audience, The Paperbook Collective is a valuable outlet, and I strongly suggest all my readers should support it by reading the current issue or back issues. You can also order handmade copies of The Paperbook Collective zine for a small fee. If you want to give your own work wider exposure, submissions for issue four are now being accepted until October 20th (read the magazine for details on how to submit).

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