Happy New Year!

So…apparently I’m a little late, but ‘better late than never’, right? I’ve noticed a trend over the past few days of bloggers reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the next. Might as well add my two cents then 🙂

I was shocked to realise the other day that it has been over a month since I last posted anything here. I’ve written a few draft posts, but have never found the time to polish them enough for publication. I don’t want to make excuses, but there were a lot of distractions in December that prevented me from sitting down and blogging.

1. Extra days at my paid job.

Money = good, but it did leave less time for writing.

2. Family.

I love my family, but sometimes they can drive me mad…and for some reason I have real trouble writing when the house is full of other people. New Year’s Resolution #1: Figure out a way of blocking out distractions and just getting on with it…

3. Christmas.

All that extra shopping and cooking…and it’s not like I even went to any parties… New Year’s Resolution #2: Get invited to some parties…

As for the rest of the year, it wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. While I did start this blog, I only entered two writing competitions (and I had planned to enter a lot more). New Year’s Resolution #3: Enter at least four writing competitions (that’s a minimum, twice as many as last year).

Also, although I did a lot of planning, I didn’t actually get pen to paper (fingers to keyboard??) on either of the two novels I have in my head. New Year’s Resolution #4: Write a novel.


On a personal note, I begin the new year as I always do, resolved to lose some weight…I had thought about starting a separate blog for this, but who’s got the time?? I will say that usually I find losing the first couple of kilos is easy, but then Easter comes around and for some reason all my resolve goes out the window. New Year’s Resolution #5: Keep off any weight I happen to lose!

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Good luck with your resolutions. I think I’ve given up on them and now just take, adapt and adjust life as it comes. Sign of old age and senility I guess.

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