On learning to write

I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of The Book Thief – review to come next week. Before I shut myself up with it (and some serious air conditioning) for a couple of days I’d better poke my head out into cyberspace and share a few musings with all of you.

Although I consider myself to be a ‘writer’, I still feel I have a lot to learn. Not just about the best ways to market myself and my work, but also about the creative process. Confession time: I am especially aware that my command of grammar is not what it should be.

My Facebook news feed is currently filled with advertisements for writing courses. Some of them sound really interesting. It’s a shame I can’t afford to enrol in any of them… Why, oh why does education have to be so expensive? Fortunately, there are other ways for writers to develop their craft.

  1. Books. All kinds of books. There are many ‘how to’ books out there of course, but don’t forget the benefits of just reading what other authors have written and seeing how they use language.
  2. Talk to other writers/talk about writing. This is something I need to get better at. Join a writers group or book club. Go to writers’ festivals. Regularly comment on other people’s blogs, and ask them to comment on yours.
  3. The Internet. It’s full of free advice from writers of all levels. Here’s some I found encouraging today. Some really great authors have blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Just beware of quotes from famous authors…often you’ll find them attributed them to multiple different people, and it’s hard to find the true source.

Have I missed any other cheap (or free) ways to learn more about writing? Do you have any comments on my writing style? Let’s talk about it!

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3 thoughts on “On learning to write

  1. I’ve leaned the most when I sit down and write. I can’t learn if I don’t make mistakes and get feedback. 😀

    • There is always something to be said from learning from the experiences of others too!

      At the moment my finances limit me to the ‘learning by doing’ method…which makes candid, unbiased feedback hard to come by…

      • I agree, learning from others is just as important. ^^ And feedback is usually hard to come by…let alone unbiased feedback lol.

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