Just coming up for air

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog this week – and by extension all of you readers. It’s been crazy, and much as I’ve wanted to, writing a blog post has been the last thing on my mind (and my to-do list).

Good news #1

I finished and edited a short story, and submitted it to a local literary competition…I was really proud of the beginning, but the ending wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped. My confidence has also been a little battered by the fact that my beta reader (my Mum) didn’t seem to like it all that much, but it’s not a genre she reads a lot so I’m trying to stay positive.

Good news #2

I’ve been kept pretty busy with additional days at my paid job…which means more money coming in!!

Bad news #1

More paid work = less writing time. I had to abandon one competition this week as the deadline was unrealistic, and it looks like I may not have anything ready for next week’s competition either.

Bad news #2

Less writing time = less blog posts = less people reading my blog. This makes me sad 😦 I love the feeling of knowing that I’m not just sending my thoughts out into nothingness, but when the posts dry up, so do the page views…

So…that’s my week. How was yours?

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2 thoughts on “Just coming up for air

  1. I also get pretty frustrated having to work a day job and write on the side. Like you said though, at least that’s money you can use to finance your writing and to keep yourself afloat.

    Wish me luck with my writing and I’ll wish you luck with yours 😀

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