Yesterday I committed an offense against everything I hold dear…I left a book on a bus.

It was a stupid mistake. Usually I would take a train to work, but they’re doing track works this week so bus was my only option. I was rattled by this, as I’m not a morning person and any disruption to my routine at that hour shakes me up. I settled down to read, but at some point I must have fallen asleep. Now I could have sworn I put my book back in my bag before this happened, but apparently I only dreamed it. I woke up just as the bus was pulling up to my station and had to get off in a hurry – so much so that I didn’t check my seat…

I then spent an hour standing in the rain, waiting for yet another train replacement bus to take me to my workplace, then walked the last 2 blocks to the office (an hour late!) I pulled open my bag to get out my diary, and my heart sank. The novel that should have been right at the top wasn’t there…

I’m crushed…not only is it not like me to lose things, but it was a book I’ve never read before, and I was really enjoying it! I’ve asked every lost property office at all the train stations I’ve been to today. No luck. It doesn’t look like my book is coming home.

I have only two last thoughts on the subject, then I’m going to try to get over it…

1. I really hope whoever finds my book either: gives it to lost property, keeps it and reads it or gives it to someone else to read (and doesn’t just throw it away!!!)

2. I’m soooo grateful it was a paperback I lost and not my Kindle!!!

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3 thoughts on “:-(

  1. THANK GOD you didn’t lose your diary instead. If I ever lost my journal, I’d die inside.

  2. Nooooooooooo, I would be so sad too, I don’t blame you!

    I haven’t done anything like this yet, but similarly to you I always feel totally disoriented and zombified in the morning, so this is bound to happen at some point.

    • The worst part was, I didn’t realise how rare it was until I lost it…after scouring my local second-hand bookshops, I had to resort to buying a (not as nice) copy on eBay. It was a really long fortnight, but I’m finally back where I left off. 🙂

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