Post NaNo Blues

This week has felt really weird. (I know it’s only Wednesday today, but it has been 5 days since I finished NaNo, so almost a week.)

  • It’s been weird not forcing myself to sit in front of a computer screen until I’ve churned out at least 1,667 words each day.
  • It’s been weird not having conversations with my characters in my head.
  • It’s been weird not having something interesting (in my mind) to blog about each day.

In mid-October I made the decision that I was going to start the whole crazy NaNoWriMo journey. I sat down and started plotting and planning, thinking that I was nuts and would probably flame out by about day 5 or 6.  I never thought that not only would I love every minute of it, but I’d miss it when it was over. I really do miss it. So much so that I’ve already started jotting down notes for next years’ novel. Wait… did I mention that in my last post? I think I did. See… I’m running out of interesting things to say already!

Apparently, whether I meant to or not, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about making writing a daily habit. Now I need to work on balancing writing with my other commitments (or maybe even getting a life?) This year I haven’t written nearly enough. Well, I wrote a novel (eventually) and a lot of blog posts, but only one short story… Now that NaNo is over, I’m energised and enthusiastic, and already researching three short stories… and I mentioned next years’ novel, right?

To paraphrase Ebeneezer Scrooge, ‘I *will* honor [NaNo] and try to keep it all the year!’

On a different, but vaguely related note, today I got through nearly 150 pages of a book I started reading in October. I only have about 100 pages to go, so if I go back to it now, I may just have a review to post tomorrow!

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