What’s in my Spam Folder this week?

Just for a laugh, this week I checked my spam comments. I do that every so often, in case a genuine comment has slipped through the net, which sometimes happens. Honestly, most of them were really vague, but it’s funny that they were not in any way related to my blog, and clearly just fishing (phishing?).

The dodgy comments that had been trapped in the spam filter all had a few things in common:

  • They were posted from either dodgy facebook pages or web-based email addresses full of random strings of letters and numbers.
  • They were all posted on blog posts at least a week (and sometimes well over a year) old.
  • Most of them had at least one (or many more) typos.

Funnily enough, none of them contained hyperlinks to their own websites, which I thought was the whole point of spam?

While I’m not going to go into exactly what each one wanted, the comments all basically fell into the following categories.

  • Comments clearly trying to sell something: eg escorts, web browsers, tourist attractions etc.
  • Comments that were just trying to trick the spam filter by making vague references that may or may not have been related to my posts: eg Thanking me for books/reviews I’ve never written, thanking me for advice on topics I’ve never blogged about, comments starting off by talking about a book I’ve reviewed and then somehow trailing off to liking what I’ve said about books I’ve never read, and one comment telling me how talented I am (on my reviews page, but not specifying any particular post they enjoyed – even though they appeared to be asking questions about a specific book – not that the question was related to any of the books I’ve actually reviewed).

I can only assume that if I’d approved any of the comments in the second category, they would have then gone on to flood my blog with spam from the first category… but I didn’t.

So, what’s the most interesting spam comment you’ve had? For more information on spotting spam, I found this article pretty useful.

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One thought on “What’s in my Spam Folder this week?

  1. Reading spam is great. I always get a kick out of reading how truly ridiculous the spam I get is. I once got a spam comment about how I should buy a mother in law for 50% off and if I freeze her I can get to keep her forever and ever. I laughed so hard at that one. 🙂

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