On Expanding my Horizons

The other day, my father implied that I only read books of British or American origins. At first I protested, and then I thought about it a little. It turns out it’s true. Most of what I read does originate in countries that are/were a part of the British Commonwealth.

  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • India
  • South Africa

There are a few notable exceptions. I’ve read a fair few French novels (translated into English of course). I’ve read a few things from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands (mostly memoirs from WW2 and the holocaust), and one novel about the Titanic by a Norwegian author. Here’s a map showing the origin countries of the authors I’ve read. (Don’t read anything into the colours, I just picked at random!)

To be honest, this is a little sad. I’m sure there are some awesome books out there from other cultures and awesome authors from other countries. I’ve even read reviews of some of them on other people’s blogs, but somehow the books themselves have never made it onto my TBR. So, in 2015, I will be challenging myself to branch out and read a few novels from other parts of the world (provided I can get an English translation). Hopefully when I publish this map again in 12 months time, it will be a lot more colourful!

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