A Bookish Christmas Haul

Did you have a nice Christmas day? Whether you celebrated or not, I hope you enjoyed whatever you did. Santa was very good to me this year (and so were various family members). For some reason they all seem to have this crazy idea that I like reading and writing, so most of my presents were either books or book-related.

I got two books on writing (Everything I know about writing by John Marsden and a book of writing prompts: 642 things to write about), a leather-bound edition of Fairy Tales from around the world collected by Andrew Lang, The world of Ice & Fire (an in-depth guide to Westeros), and some gorgeous stationery including a weekly planner and a jotter titled ‘I could give up candy, but I’m not a quitter’.

A couple of weeks ago one of my grandmothers was showing me a few things she’d bought from a certain stationery shop, and I mentioned that I happened to love their stuff… I’m sure you can guess where her annual gift-card came from this year! Shopping spree ahead.

One auntie who knew that I’d participated in NaNo this year said that the hot chocolate set and biscuits she’d given me were to be used as a cure for writers’ block.

I think the best present though, was actually the one that was least related to books… without my knowledge (and I hadn’t even thought to put it on my list) Santa brought me the complete boxed-set of Horrible Histories DVDs – and two tickets to their live show next month! (So excited!!!)

So, how did you spend Christmas day? Did Santa bring you anything nice?

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