Happy 2015!

Another year is over, and it’s time to evaluate. What went well? What didn’t? Last year I posted a list of New Years’ Resolutions, with a brief summary of why I was setting each one. So, how did I go?

New Year’s Resolution #1: Figure out a way of blocking out distractions and just getting on with it…

Tick. I moved my laptop into my bedroom in November, which seems to be working so far. I also bought a tablet so I can work when I’m out of the house.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Get invited to some parties…

Umm… My social circle didn’t increase quite as much as I’d hoped this year, but I did go to a few good parties, and I met some awesome people during NaNoWriMo. I should probably keep a variation of this one on the list for 2015.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Enter at least four writing competitions (that’s a minimum, twice as many as last year).

Ba-Bow. Things got away from me, and I only ended up entering one competition for the whole year. I have some fantastic competitions picked out for 2015 – now I just have to write some fantastic things to enter.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Write a novel.

Big tick. Thank you NaNoWriMo!

New Year’s Resolution #5: Keep off any weight I happen to lose!

The less said about this one the better.

And what about 2015? What are my goals for this year?

#1 Back on the diet… again.

#2 Edit my novel, and get it ready to query.

#3 Write another novel.

#4 Actually enter the competitions I’ve picked out

#5 Spend some more time hanging out with people in the real world

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