Time flies…

In case you were wondering, I’m still here… I’ve just been so busy doing things worth writing about that I haven’t had time to write about them! Here’s a short summary of what I’ve been up to:

  1. I’ve been working on two separate history projects. One has been quite intense but is progressing well, and is nearing the final stages. The other went so quiet for several months that I wasn’t sure I was still involved, but it has ramped up again over the last week or so, and looks like it’s going to be a whirlwind now it’s started!
  2. I’ve borrowed far too many library books. On my last trip I found so many that I just had to read…if only I had as much free time as I need to finish them all! There’ll be a book review posted in a few days, and hopefully a couple more next week…
  3. My Kindle died. I’m not happy about this one. I don’t really rely on my Kindle, but it was so much lighter than carrying real books when traveling. I’m going to download the Kindle app on my tablet when I get around to it, because I can’t afford to buy another one – not that it will be a perfect solution, as my tablet is much heavier than my Kindle was. 😦

Well, that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll have the energy to post a little more frequently in the future!

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