NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 3

Someone who saw my word count today (a non NaNoer) said, “Wow, 5,000 words. You’re 10% of the way there already.” When you say it like that, it sounds pretty good… until you realise that November is already 10% gone. I’m right on track to finish on November 30 – but behind my own personal goal. I know I’ve said this before, but I like to keep ahead of the curve, because I know there will be days when I can’t keep up.

With that in mind, I stayed up until 3:30 this morning writing, trying to keep ahead of where I feel I need to be to finish this crazy endeavour on time. I’m still only a few hundred words ahead. Fortunately tomorrow I’m going to my local write-in, where I intend to write a massive amount and get myself much further ahead, so I don’t have to panic if I don’t write so much on the weekend.

What about you, my fellow WriMos out there? Do you like to go hard early so you can relax later on, or are you a surge to the end kind of person?

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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 3

  1. It’s always better to be ahead, just in case.
    I tend to go hard every day. Once I hit 50k I always say I’m going to continue until the end of the month, but I never do, lol. Good luck!

    • I found last year I did have a few big word counts towards the end of the month… I knew exactly where my story was going and it just flowed from my brain to the keyboard. I can’t rely on that happening again though, so I’m determined to keep as far ahead of the par as I can.

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