NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 12

I’m finally starting to get on a roll. Characters are interacting with each other in the way I’d originally hoped. The plot is moving forward at a pace I’m happy with, and plot points that were originally disconnected ideas are now starting to dovetail together, so that there is actually a logical progression between them.

One other major development that has helped everything fall into place. I had originally envisioned my story as taking place in a fantasy world closely resembling the middle ages (in a similar style to The Chronicles of Narnia or A Song of Ice and Fire.) Turns out my world had advanced while I wasn’t looking, and is actually much closer to the late Victorian period. The funny thing is I don’t really have to make any changes to make this shift happen. My descriptions of all but a few items have been vague enough that they could have described objects from either period equally well. Those few items I have described in painstaking detail are the ones that point to it being a much later period anyway, so all up I’d count that as a win.

Only 2 of us at our local write-in today, but I still found it pretty productive. 1600 words in two and a half hours. Planning to write a little bit more before bed, and hoping to be back up on par by the end of the weekend…

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