NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 14 & 15

I had good intentions of posting yesterday…I really did. Instead I ended up getting distracted by my NaNovel. The good news is that I wrote 2524 words yesterday, and by the end of today I will be past the half-way point, right on schedule at last!

How did I make this miraculous recovery, I hear you ask? Well, it’s not a secret (although until yesterday I had no idea this technique existed). It’s a ‘word crawl’. You can read more about the origin of these here, but basically it is a series of challenges designed to speed up your writing. The first one ever created was based on a ‘pub crawl’, but being the creative bunch Wrimos are, they’ve gone to town and created a whole series based on pop culture favourites: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Pokemon, Divergent, Alice in Wonderland…there’s even one designed to be done while doing housework!

The basic premise is that you follow the landmark events in a story, while completing related challenges along the way, for example: you are chased by X creature, do a five minute word sprint to escape. Sometimes there is a choose your own adventure element: Which Doctor are you travelling with? Multiply his number by 50 and write that number of words. There can also be an element of chance: roll a six sided dice and write 100 times the number you roll. Sometimes a challenge can come with a penalty: write 200 words in 5 minutes, if you fail, write another 250 words as a punishment.

This is the crawl I did yesterday, which netted me a total of 2800 words (I finished it after midnight, so some of those words have counted towards today.) Doctor Who Crawl (by Tigger89)

If you want to try any of the other crawls that are out there, they can be found in the NaNoWriMo forums under this thread.

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