NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 23

I’m feeling down about the progress of my novel today.

I feel like most of my characters are more like caricatures, and the ones that aren’t don’t seem to be letting their depth shine through.

I feel like I’ve spent thousands of words on insignificant scenes, but don’t have all that many scenes that contain key plot points.

I feel like I’ve tied myself in knots by writing bits and pieces out of order, and now I can’t figure out what I want/need to write next.

None of these are particularly major issues in the context of NaNoWriMo. Once November is over, I have the rest of my life to fix all of these things (except perhaps the last).

The real issue is: all of these problems, coupled with the short amount of time I have left to write, have left me overwhelmed. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I get paralysed. The task is too big, I don’t know where to start. So I won’t [start].

I’m determined to win NaNo again this year… I’m only 200 words behind… One good day and I’m back on track… I just need to keep telling myself those things over and over again…

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